Deepcool Z5 CPU Cooling Thermal Pas

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Premium zinc Oxide based mostly thermal compound for optimum thermal performance to enhance heat transfer and lower temperatures. Ultra-low thermal electrical resistance lowers processor temperatures vs common thermal paste. CORSAIR TM30’s low consistence permits it to simply fill microscopic abrasions and channels in your CPU’s heat spreader and cooler’s contact plate, for max thermal transfer space. CORSAIR TM30’s high-stability liquid compound lasts for years with no drying, cracking or amendment in consistency; thus, you don’t need to worry concerning ever-changing or re-applying thermal paste sporadically. TM30 is non-conductive and contains zero volatile compounds, creating it safe for each you and your PC. So You can Buy thermal paste From computer village, computer village has Seven outlet in Dhaka & Chittagong City. You can also buy Quality product from Online (