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A sound card (also called AN audio card) is an inside enlargement card that gives input and output of audio signals to and from a pc in restraint of pc programs. The term sound card is additionally applied to external audio interfaces used for skilled audio applications. Sound practicality may be integrated onto the motherboard, victimization elements kind of like those found on plug-in cards. The integrated audio system is commonly still cited as a sound card. Sound process hardware is additionally gift on fashionable video cards with HDMI to output sound at the side of the video victimization that connector; antecedently they used a S/PDIF association to the motherboard or sound card. Typical uses of sound cards or sound card practicality embody providing the audio part for transmission applications like music composition, redaction video or audio, presentation, education and diversion (games) and video projection. Sound cards are used for computer-based communication like vocalization IP and teleconference.