TP-Link MC-111 Media Converter

Price: ৳2,250 Regular Price: ৳2,550

TP-Link MC-112 Media Converter

Price: ৳2,250 Regular Price: ৳2,550

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A media converter is a device accustomed connect media that might preferably be incompatible. it's accustomed link fiber optic cable to twisted try for supporting ethernet-compatible devices. it should additionally link along networks comprised of line, and single-mode to multi-mode fiber optic cable. A fiber optic media convertor is basically an equivalent issue as an apparent media convertor. One reason makers and distributors decision them fiber optic is to create it easier for patrons to seek out them in an internet search. Fiber optic cable is valued for its high speed and long distance capabilities. Buy original Media Converter from computer village at best price. We ensure the best service with our experts at your doorstep.