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In general, edge devices are usually routers that offer etch access to quicker, additional economical backbone and core networks. The trend is to create the sting device good and also the core device(s) "dumb and fast", thus edge routers usually embody Quality of Service (QoS) and multi-service functions to manage differing types of traffic. Consequently, core networks are usually designed with switches that use routing protocols like Open Shortest Path 1st (OSPF) or Multiprotocol Label change (MPLS) for responsibleness and measurability, permitting edge routers to possess redundant links to the core network. Links between core networks are totally different, as an example Border entryway Protocol (BGP) router usually used for peering exchanges An edge switch for a WAN could also be a multiservice unit, that means that it supports a large sort of communication technologies, as well as Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), T1 circuits, frame relay, and ATM. a foothold device might offer increased services, like virtual non-public networking (VPN) support, voice informatics, and QoS services