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The journey of the trendy casing has started round the year of Nineties with standard rectangular form, later it includes wider vary of variation in form, type issue and materials, like brushed atomic number 13 or tempered glass that square measure offered with dearly-won cases. In early 2000, custom laptop cases started modifying specially employed in play computer with clear aspect panels or windows to own the visibility of internal parts. In the epoch, casing could be a vital component of desktop laptop that ar usually referred to as case, chassis, tower, system unit, cupboard or base unit. This enclosure sometimes contains most of the elements of the laptop excluding few input & output devices. Cases ar usually factory-made by special steel or atomic number 13, however currently a day’s plastic, glass, wood even Lego set bricks have appeared within the cases. Computer village the leading ICT Retail Shop in bangladesh.we provide the best quality Entry level,classic,mid-range,High end gaming and usual casing at best price.