Find your favorite A4 Tech Headphones & Headsets at lowest price in Bangladesh

The brand A4Tech has been formed in 1987 and it’s headquarter is in Taipei, Taiwan. “Turn yesterday’s fiction into today’s reality” containing the principle A4 Tech R&D team is working continuously to develop cutting edge products for consumer market. To develop and meet the requirement of Gaming Segment A4 Tech has created new brand “Bloody” in 2011. Like it’s all other devices A4 Tech Headphone is absolutely world class. A4Tech HS-30, A4Tech HS-28, A4Tech HU-35, A4Tech HS-19 all are very very popular models in BD market. The brand A4Tech also manufactures quality Mouse, KeyBoard, Webcam etc. From the very beginning Computer Village is one of the prime partners of A4Tech. All A4Tech items provides one year warranty. Gaming items provides more warranty period. Other than A4Tech brand, Logitech, Fantech, Havit etc. are the reputed brands for quality headphones.